Reform Pilates

Reform Pilates offer a specialised type of rehabilitation Pilates, designed to suit your individual needs. Unlike traditional large group Pilates classes, Reform hold semi private classes, consisting of no more than three participants. The classes are run by a qualified Physiotherapist who is also trained in Polestar Pilates. You will complete an exercise program specifically written for you by the Physiotherapist to ensure you are getting the most out of your session. This customised approach allows you to achieve optimum results. Before beginning Pilates classes, the physiotherapist will assess you and listen to your needs. Once you have worked out specific goals for your body, you can begin Pilates sessions. For more information, contact the clinic today.

Before coming to Reform, I had lost 10cm in height due to osteoporosis. Through attending Pilates just once a week, I have stopped shrinking and have grown two centimetres in the past year!

Osteoporosis patient